Light weight Blocks

AAC Wall Panel

The panels are made of cement, lime and silica. They have a welded steel mesh with special anti-rust treatment (reinforcing bars) as reinforcement which allows them to have high flexural strength.

We manufacture reinforced AAC wall panels. They are internal non-load bearing partition panels.The steel reinforcement wires allow excellent dimensional accuracy. They are cured in a high pressure and temperature autoclave which renders high compressive strength to them. It is ideal for wall systems and sound barrier systems.


  • High thermal insulation: protects against the cold and heat
  • Saves air conditioning costs and energy consumption
  • Up to 4 hours of fire endurance (direct exposure)
  • Flexural strength
  • Superior sound absorption and earthquake resistance properties.


  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Mid and High Rise Buildings
  • Dormitories and Barracks
  • Living Assistance