Light weight Blocks

AAC Tool Kit

For thorough and effective AAC blocks installation, use our AAC tool kit.

Our tool kit provides the most cost effective AAC installation. Let’s take a look at what comes in the Mepcrete AAC tool kit.

Essential Tools

  • Mortar mixer tools
  • Bowl with cogs
  • Rubber hammer: using for adjust the blocks
  • Eke: the angel measure equipment
  • Rubbing tools: using to make flat face for AAC wall panels
  • Hand saw: using to cut blocks
  • Grooving tools: using to set up electrical system
Square tool

This unique tool is great for marking of AAC blocks to be cut, which makes easier to mark the top and side portions at a time. The side wings are 10” long and have several angles marked as well.

Grooving tool

This hand held tool is designed for wall chasing which is designed for routing of wire and plumbing works.

Tipped hand saws

This handsaw operates just like the traditional handsaws, only this carbide teeth makes it lasts longer. It gives you a good stroke and cutting curves gives you longer life.

Six-foot aluminium levels

Normal level gauge for masons to maintain straight length and clean level surface.

Wooden saw back rasp

This tool is used for scrapping, levelling and straightening of AAC surface.

Rubber mallets

This rubber mallet is used to position the blocks and stamp the mortar bed without damaging the material or man power.

Scrapper blades

This scrapper tool is used for removing excess hardened mortar and also for cleaning and levelling of blocks.

AAC notched bucket trowels

This is a well-designed tool that comes in the same especially for AAC blocks, ranging size from 2” to 14”. The notched teeth ensure even mortar when applied.


These wedges are used for perfect alignment of AAC blocks.

Mixing paddle

Paddle is used for mixing of thin setting mortars.