AAC Light Weight Blocks

The AAC lightweight blocks we manufacture are also called Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete (ALC) blocks.

It is a lightweight, precast building material that simultaneously provides structure, insulation, and fire and pest resistance. The lightweight nature of the blocks offers ultimate workability, flexibility and durability. It also has excellent thermal insulation and acoustic absorption properties. It is economically and environmentally superior to the more traditional structural building materials such as concrete, wood, brick and stone.

AAC Blocks Sizes Available

  • 600mm x 200mm x 50 mm (2”)
  • 600mm x 200mm x 75 mm (3”)
  • 600mm x 200mm x 100 mm (4”)
  • 600mm x 200mm x 150 mm (6”)
  • 600mm x 200mm x 200 mm (8”)
  • 600mm x 200mm x 230 mm (9”)
  • 600mm x 200mm x 250 mm (10”)
  • 600mm x 200mm x 300 mm (12”)


  • Fast returns on investment due to Speedy construction
  • Uniform quality due to mass production
  • Saving in installation and recurring cost of air conditioning units
  • No curing or plastering required

Technical data

Dimensions (L X H) 600 MM X 200 MM
Thickness 50 MM - 300 MM
Compressive Strength 4 N/Sq.mm
Density 550 to 650 Kg/M3
Thermal Conductivity 0.12W/m-k
Sound Reduction (db) 35 to 60 (db)
Fire resistance 1600 degree C° / 6 hrs for 200 MM Thickness
Precision in Size Variation 2 MM (+/-)

* Customised thickness of AAC blocks can be manufactured on request

* Confirming to IS 2185  (PART III) , 1984Grade 1