Light weight Blocks

AAC Jumbo Blocks

AAC jumbo blocks are unreinforced solid pieces for adjustments in doors, windows or ends in the wall panel system.

AAC jumbo blocks are non reinforced solid light weight concrete used for faster construction of external & interanl walls, normally used in Malls, Theatres, IT firms, Auditoriams, Schools, Colleges & Commercial buildings.

For fast construction by covering more wall face square footage with a single block, Mepcrete AAC Jumbo blocks are ideal. With a height of 24” and lengths of 40” and 48”, jumbo blocks are set with a mini-crane and allow installers to cover more area more quickly. As with all of our products, varying strength classes are available.


  • Three times larger than normal blocks
  • Varying strength classes available
  • Larger blocks require a mini crane to be lifted
  • Ideal wall panel system


  • General internal & external walls
  • Party, compartment & separating walls
  • Acoustic & fire-rated walls