AAC Broken Blocks-Filler

AAC broken blocks are best alternative to lightweight cinder, coal lumps, burnt tar lumps and other filling materials.

We also manufacture broken AAC blocks called AAC rubble.Being a normally cured cement based product, it continues to gain strength with time so long as some moisture is available in the environment, requiring little maintenance. This is unlike other filling materials like coal which deteriorate with time. Filling with AAC blocks have proven to withstand all types of weather conditions. It does not produce any pollutants or toxic substances during its manufacture. It provides 4 hours of fire endurance.


  • No cavity construction eliminates termites, rodents, pests and fungal growth
  • It has much superior thermal insulation characteristics than other filling materials
  • It can withstand all types of weather conditions
  • It does not produce any pollutants or toxic substances
  • It finds extensive application for filling over structural slabs and below floor finish


  • For thermal insulation purpose
  • For lightweight filling in sunken portion of all type of buildings
  • For replacing the brick bat in waterproofing
  • To prepare lightweight concrete for special purpose
  • For creating various shape/height on existing floor to reduce load compare to bricks or other material